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Classic Kerala with Homestays


In this luxurious dream holiday, you get to know Kerala in a completely new, exciting way. The journey leads you through North Kerala, which is still an insider tip, as well as through South Kerala, and here you stay only in luxury homestays, in small, personal luxury plantation retreats, in a boutique hotel and luxury serviced villas on the beach.Thereby you see, taste and experience every day the very best that Kerala has to offer.
North Kerala, that is the wild beauty of the Western Ghats, that are tea plantations, which are so good for the eyes and for the soul, misty peaks, humid, lush green forests, friendly people and miles and miles of unspoilt, beautiful sandy beach.
You stay in the best and most beautiful home stays in the region. These are places where the atmosphere is unmatched, and where you arrive as a guest, and you leave as a friend.


21 Days/20 Nights
Routing: Calicut (Arrival) – Thalassery – Mananthavady – Kolagappara – Calicut – Palakkad – Cochin – Munnar – Thekkady – Kumarakom – Alleppey- Cochin (Departure)



  •   A cooking class at the historic Homestay “Ayisha Manzil” in authentic “Moplah Cuisine”
  •   Visit a fish market in the company of your host, and there you select your own lunch or dinner
  •   Experience “Theyyam”, an authentic, vibrant and exciting art form of Kerala
  •   Visit a hand weaving unit and a small cigarette(beedi) factory
  •   Experience a picnic lunch at a tribal village and taste the authentic food of the indigenous people of Kerala
  •   Visit a tea factory built by the British, including tea tasting
  •   Spend the night in a tree house
  •   Enjoy a yoga class and a relaxing Ayurvedic treatment in a historic Homestay, which is certified with the coveted “Green Leaf”.
  •   Visit “Hindustan Kalari Sangam”, a training institute for Kalarippayattu and get familiar with the age-old martial art
  •   Enjoy the very special Ramassery Idlis
  •   Visit a Brahmin village
  •   See the oldest church built by Europeans in India, and the Jewish Quarter in Cochin
  •   Experience a presentation of various art forms like Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Bharatanatyam …
  •   In Windermere Estate you stroll through the magnificent coffee- and cardamom- plantations, accompanied by a Naturalist
  •   Visit the Tata Tea Museum
  •   Learn something about spices, while you stroll under the canopy of leaves of the jungle
  •   Ride an elephant
  •   Spend a whole day with trekking and bamboo rafting in the Periyar Tiger Reserve
  •   Swim, canoe (accompanied) and fish in the Vembanad lake
  •   Spend the night on a houseboat
  •   Spend the night in a villa directly on the sandy beach
  •   Visit a coir factory and the RKK Memorial Museum, which is likely to make you speechless with astonishment


Day 1-Arrival Calicut 

Calicut (Arrival) – Thalassery 

You reach India at Calicut airport. Welcome to Kerala! After landing, you will be picked up by our representative at the airport, and escorted to the enchanting Homestay Ayesha Manzil. Already on the way, you can catch the first glimpses of the bustling life on the Malabar Coast.

1Ayisha Manzil:

You leave the coast road of Thalassery, and turn into a small side road that leads up the hill. Between blooming bushes and large, old trees, Ayisha Manzil comes into view. It is a beautiful, old property, almost 150 years old, with a welcoming porch. The house is facing the shimmering Arabian sea. Moosa and Faiza, the hosts, welcome their guests warmly and before you know it, you sit in a comfortable wicker chair, with a welcome drink in your hand. The authentic architecture of Ayisha Manzil is preserved in the exterior as well as in the interior of the building, and the whole atmosphere exudes all the charm of a bygone era. Everywhere one sees dark, shiny, polished wood. The massive four-poster beds, the long table, the chairs, antique dressers, large mirrors along with desks have maintained the charisma of the place for you. Ayisha Manzil has six huge rooms, and each one looks different. There is no reception and no TV. But many but enthusiastic repeat guests who keep coming back. Moosa and Faiza are the soul of Ayisha Manzil and are hosts through and through. And that in a friendly, courteous and unobtrusive way. They extend their warm hospitality in a generous way on every guest who enters under their roof and sits down at their table. Spend lovely hours in the garde next to the house, with the magnificent old trees and the pool, all with a view of the sea, where you can watch dolphins with a little luck. The gentle breeze blowing through the tops of old trees lets you forget completely about your everyday life. Faiza is an internationally renowned and gifted cook, and always happy to be ready with some delicacies. Her famous and authentic “Moplah” cuisine includes biryanis, pathiri, neypathil, pettipathiri, muttamala, alisa, unnakayi, erachipathil and so on, along with fresh seafood. In general, the wide selection of food, as well as the meal timings, are defined by Moosa and Faiza. The guests eat together, usually at the same table, just like at home. This results in nice acquaintances and interesting discussions. The food at Ayisha Manzil is so fantastic that you as a guest, will very enthusiastically agree with the selection. For up to 10 people, a table is always put out in front of the house under the trees for the meals. More than 10 people eat on the inviting porch. The table is always covered with beautiful china and a tasteful cotton tablecloth. Today you will learn how to cook “Moplah” style! Faiza shares her knowledge in a cooking class with you. Thanks to her, you can take home the real taste of Kerala. Later you will see a performance of Theyyam, one of the most colorful and vibrant art forms of Kerala. The rest of the day is at leisure.

Overnight in Ayisha Manzil.

Day 2-Thalassery


Moosa will take you today for a morning walk to the local fish market. The fish and seafood for your meals will be purchased as per your choice.
Later you will see the famous spice market in Thalassery, a hand-weaving unit and a small cigarette (beedi) factory
The St. John’s Anglican Church, which you will see after that, is one of the most beautiful Anglican churches in India. It is located within the Thalassery fort.
You will then see Juma Masjid, a Mosque that is about 1000 years old. It has always been an important center for the muslim population of the surrounding area.
The rest of the day is at leisure.
Overnight in Ayisha Manzil.

Day 3-Thalassery – Mananthavady

Thalassery – Mananthavady

The fresh, wonderfully cool and pristine Wayanad holds a very special jewel for you:

Cherakkara Bungalow:

Located high atop a hill, Cherakkara Bungalow greets you from afar, when you drive up the bumpy road, which is lined with tea bushes and beautiful old trees.

The building, which was earlier a property of the British tea planters, (the owner always lived at the top of the hill, because of the mosquitoes, the pickers in the Valley and the middle management somewhere in between), emits an elegance of times past, a serene style, which you will notice immediately upon entering.

But Cherakkara Bungalow is much more than you can see at first glance. You are welcomed warmly by the hosts, Sundar and Malini. Well traveled, well read and sympathetic, they are interesting discussion partners and fill their roles with discreet attentiveness. Sundar is by the way also  the managing director of the five surrounding tea plantations, and is a treasure trove of information, when it comes to tea.

The Bungalow has an airy, cool, luxurious and peaceful atmosphere. The view is absolutely spectacular and the surrounding area invites you for  walks. The rooms are enormous for the idea of the majority of guests, with high ceilings, decorated in victorian style, yet cosy. The bathrooms are opulently designed, even with a bathtub on feet.

You will enjoy in Cherakkara Bungalow  South Indian, North Indian or european cuisine, whichever suits you best. It depends on your requirements and preferences.

Later you can relax in front of the fireplace, in the elegant and cozy living room, at the cold evening, with a good book in your hand.



Sundar will drive you through the hills by car today, so that you can become familiar with his work.

On the plantation, there is an old tea factory, through which he will lead you. It was built by the British and is still in use. You can get familiar with the processes of making tea, and the machinery will amaze you. Most of the machines date from the 1960s, but there is still one of the 1930ies, which is still in use since then.

Then you will experience a tea tasting, in the way it is carried out several times daily for quality control.

Also the “Recreation Center” you will see, where the British used to party hard. The center is still in use today, your afternoon tea will be served to you there.

Fascinating along with Sundar’s expertise about tea are his efforts to convert the whole operation to “organic”. Gladly he shows you their vermicompost facility, if you want, where organic fertilizer is made, and the organic Anthurium nursery. You can also see the bamboo, which he planted as a fast growing firewood for the tea factory, but that is often nibbled by wild elephants who like the young shoots. Yes, that’s right, sometimes the elephants visit Cherakkara Bungalow!

The factory workers and the friendly tea pickers have a good life here too. The plantation is a “Participant for Ethical Tea Partnership Programme”. You may join the tea pickers for a little while, if you like, and the leaves you picked are then processed in the factory.

The rest of the day is at leisure

Overnight at Cherakkara Bungalow

Day 4-Mananthavady


Today,  you will enjoy a tour of Mananthavady.

You see the tomb of Pazhassi Raja, the first freedom fighter of Kerala who revolted against the British rule, guerilla style.

Later, enjoy a picnic lunch at a tribal village. Experience the authentic food of the indigenous people of Kerala. Mineral water and napkins will be ​​available.

Overnight at Cherakkara Bungalow

Day 5-Mananthavady – Kolagappara

Mananthavady – Kolagappara

After breakfast you will continue your journey to Kolagappara to Tanquil, a small resort. There you feel as welcome as at a Homestay.


“Make yourselves at home” this is the only rule which was set up by the sympathetic host Victor, the only rule the guests in  “Tranquil” have to comply with.  And really, when one has come up the betelnut tree- lined driveway to the house, and one sees the huge, inviting porch, which is lovingly decorated with flowers, pictures and many details,one just wants to drop in one of the  wicker chairs and  put up the feet. To  feel at home …so  easy. Perhaps it is even much better than at home. And the atmosphere in Tranquil is absolutely relaxed.

After you have recovered from  the trip, on the porch, you might notice the family. Victor’s wife, children and grandchildren belong to  Tranquil too. And, yes, three dogs also belong toit,  and are never locked away. But they are absolutely harmless and they don’t mind the guests. But if you want to, then they will come on your walks with you.

The rooms are furnished in a cozy way, really like at someone’s home. You see it, there was  no architect  at work. But this only highlights the relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. There is  among others a suite, which is quite large, with a small private garden. And then there are also tree-houses.Now that gives you a real jungle feeling! The interior is almost entirely made ​​of wood, done ​​in avery  exciting way , and the view is wild! On the verandah of the tree houses you are just barely over the tops of the other trees.

There is a swimming pool with an adjacent Jacuzzi and a covered tree platform for dreaming, reading or yoga. Underneath hammocks are attached, also ideal for a siesta.

As for the food, the family makes the menue according to the wishes of the guests. Very often they will cook family recipes, but this doesn’t mean that there is only  Indian food in Tranquil, because the family is of mixed blood, and has English and Scottish influences.

Tranquil is situated in a 400-acre, fully functioning coffee and pepper plantation, which is perfect  for long and short walks. You can choose from 12 different walks, all bearing different names, and all well marked. You also get a map to take along. It is advisable to bring good walking shoes.

Tranquil is also a paradise for bird lovers: There are approximately 115 different species of birds on the plantation, which you can observe with a bit of luck. A list of the birds and binoculars are available upon request.

In the evenings, one by one, the guests and the members of the host family meet outside on the verandah for an apero.


You occupy your tree house. The interior and the view will give you a thrill.

The rest of the day is at your leisure, for example for one of the 12 different walks.

Overnight in Tranquil.

Day 6-Kolagappara



Today you visit the Edakkal caves with their 5000 year old Neolithic stone reliefs. The journey is 10 minutes by car, but if you like, you can also do the route on foot. It is an attractive walk and takes about ½ hour.

The rest of the day is free in Tranquil.

Overnight in Tranquil.

Day 7-Kolagappara – Calicut

Kolagappara – Calicut

After breakfast you will travel to Harivihar Heritage Home in Calicut.


Harivihar or the “Abode of the Divine” is a beautiful historic property, surrounded by a green and peaceful scenery.

This grand old house was built by the royal family of Kadathanadu for their children, so that they could go here to a famous  college in the vicinity. It embodies the best of traditional Kerala architecture, offers an atmosphere like no other, and greets the guests with an embrace of refined comfort. The house has been carefully renovated and is furnished with tasteful furniture and paintings of the host family. In the garden you will find a traditional stone pool, filled with clean water, in which earlier the residents took their daily morning bath. The calm and the peaceful atmosphere that prevails everywhere is soothing for the soul.

Harivihar is committed to Ayurveda,  and thus the cuisine is in line with the Ayurvedic philosophy. The emphasis is on vegetarian food, no eggs, fish or meat. Also alcoholic beverages are avoided. Harivihar offers you hearty, appetizing menus, which borrow heavily from the local cuisine, but with influences from various other Indian states as well as the West. The dishes are delicately spiced and flavored, and at the same time nutritious and light. You have the opportunity to interact with the cook in the kitchen and learn from her the secret of her cooking! A large, original well is situated within the house, right next to the kitchen. All the water that is consumed in Harivihar comes from this well, also the drinking water, which is boiled with special herbs and dried roots. It is completely safe to drink.

In Harivihar you can enjoy the priceless benefits of Ayurveda – the science of the original life, as it was prescribed by Mother Nature, and was perfected by ancient gurus. Harivihar has received the coveted “Green Leaf” – the highest award of the government of Kerala for authentic ayurveda.

A stay in this idyllic location can rekindle an appreciation of the past and so create a better understanding of the present, which gives a greater preparedness for the future, with body and mind finely tuned, in harmony with a changeful universe.



You enjoy in Harivihar:

– A soothing Ayurvedic treatment

– One hour of yoga instruction

The rest of the day is at leisure.

Overnight in Harivihar Heritage Home.

Day 8-Calicut


After breakfast you enjoy a tour of Calicut.

You visit Beypore, which was once a major port city and now belongs to Calicut. Many different ships landed here and the people engaged in trade. First came the Romans, later the Chinese, the Syrians, the Arabs, and in recent centuries the Europeans too. Beypore has a long history as a center for shipbuilding, since 1 Century AD, and it was expanded during the time of the British East India Company in the early nineteenth century. Enjoy the beach and see the people at work.

The Pazhassiraja museum is run by the State Department of Archaeology, and there you see paintings, antique bronzes, ancient coins, models of the temples, umbrella stones, dolmenoide cists (rectangular grave chambers with capstones), and similar megalithic graves.

The art gallery, which is located next to the museum, shows the paintings by the most revered artist of Kerala, Raja Ravi Varma, whose works brought him international fame. (Closed on Mondays)

Then see you visit Hindustan Kalari Sangamwhere you can learn something about Kalarippayattu, the traditional martial art of Kerala.

Then you will visit the fascinating Bilathikulam temple.

Overnight in Harivihar Heritage Home.

Day 9-Calicut – Palakkad

Calicut – Palakkad

After breakfast you will continue your journey to Palakkad, to the Homestay Kandath Tharavad

Kandath Tharavad, the ancestral home of the Kandath family, is hiding in the paddy fields of rural Kerala. The house is 200 years old – a historical gem. It was built by the host, Mr. Bhagwaldas,  great-great-grandfather, who was a landowner and money- lender. Five generations have lived here.
Mr. Bhagwaldas, a friendly and interesting man, has spent many years of his life in San Francisco, and has now returned to take care of his family home. He restored the property with great care and attention to detail. Gladly he takes time for his guests, and shows and explains them everything in and around the house.
The most striking feature of the house is the front raised area (“Purathalum”) with great bulbous teak pillars at each corner with magnificent carvings. The floor is decorated in naturally dyed tiles in ocher, terracotta and blue. It was here, until Bhagwaldas grandfather died in the seventies, that the serious business of money- lending has taken place – most of it bridging the locals over between two rice harvests.
No more than 20 meters away from the front, where the men gathered, is another raised area on the back of the house for the ladies. The house is constructed in such a way that no word that was spoken by the women could be heard by the men, and vice versa. In Kandath Tharavad, you will find many quiet places, that invite you to sit and dream, or to read, and these two “Purathulam” are among them.

The main area of the house is open above at the center. You can stand under it and see the stars. Kandath Tharavad is a Ettukettu (ETTU eight: Kettu block) structure, with not one, but two such areas, built on the principles of Vaasthu Shastra (ancient science of architecture). The building exudes a calm, relaxing atmosphere, and remains pleasantly cool at warm temperatures.

You enjoy in Kandath Tharavad hearty local specialties, which are prepared with loving care by the cook, and which will delight you.
After arriving in Kandath Tharavad, first of all make yourself at home, then you will enjoy a hearty lunch.
In the afternoon, Mr. Bhagwaldas takes you to the basket weavers. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings, watch the people of the village at work and become familiar with the techniques of basket weaving.
The rest of the day is at leisure.

Overnight in Kandath Tharavad.

Day 10-Palakkad


Today  your host takes you to Ramassery village, 10 km away, for breakfast. You will enjoy there idlis at a local restaurant, steamed small round rice- cakes, that are available all over Kerala. But the idlis of Ramassery  are a particular specialty.
Afterwards he takes you into Kalpati Brahmin village, where you can get acquainted with the history of this very special place.
The fort of Hyder Ali, which he will show you then, is one of the best preserved forts in Kerala.
For lunch, back to Kandath Tharavad. The afternoon is at your leisure.
In the evening, visit a pottery with Mr. Bhagwaldas.
Overnight in Kandath Tharavad.

Day 11-Palakkad – Cochin

Palakkad – Cochin

After breakfast you will continue your journey to Cochin. On arrival, check in at Malabar House.

The Malabar House Boutique Hotel is located in the heart of historic Fort Cochin, just opposite the St. Francis Church. It is not just another hotel, but it belongs to the history of Cochin. The historical building was first mentioned in 1755.
Designed to the smallest detail, and furnished with fine antiques and art, Malabar House seamlessly combines tradition and modernity.


The hotel has a small, cozy and personal feel, a haven in this vibrant, historic harbor town. The rooms are friendly and colorful and radiate joy. Swim a few laps in the pool or make yourself comfortable  in “Divine”, the cozy wine lounge or at the restaurant Malabar Junction.
Malabar Junction is a gourmet restaurant – the junction of tradition and innovation, of South India and the West. Specializing in market-fresh and refined cuisine, it is known as one of the best fish restaurants in the South.
Malabar House is a member of Relais & Chateaux.
The day is at leisure.


In the evening you will experience Kerala Kaleidoscope in Greenix Village. This is a performance of various art forms like Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Bharatanatyam, etc.

Overnight at Malabar House.

Day 1 2-Cochin


We invite you today after breakfast on a guided tour of Cochin. First you encounter Chinese fishing nets in Fort Kochi, which are, outside China, only in use here. It is believed that traders from the court of the Chinese ruler Kublai Khan introduced, these nets here. Many fishermen earn their livelihood by fishing, using these massive nets. Enjoy this special sight in the morning light.

Next, visit the impressive Church of St. Francis. It is the oldest church built by Europeans in India. The Portuguese trader Vasco da Gama was buried in the St. Francis Church. Later, his remains were taken back to Portugal. Nevertheless, his tomb in the Church is clearly marked.
Next visit the interesting Jewish Synagogue with its Chinese tiles and Belgian chandeliers and explore the Jewish quarter in Mattancherry. Take some time to explore the old town and its  little craft shops.
Overnight at Malabar House.

Day 13-Cochin – Munnar

Cochin – Munnar

Today the journey leads you into the fresh mountains again. After breakfast, you will travel to Windermere Estate in Munnar.
Windermere Estate:
What exactly it is, that makes Windermere Estate so special, is difficult to say. There is a really positive atmosphere in this place.
Maybe it is the location of this “Plantation Retreat”, which is incomparably beautiful. Set amidst 50 acres of cardamom and coffee plantations, slightly on the hillside, with a view to die for  – especially from the “Viewpoint”, a protruding huge stone, or should we say a small hill, right at the heart of Windermere Estate, which is reached by stairs. Above, one has a almost 360 degree panorama of forest and magnificent plantations. The stone is reached passing through a real little pine forest by the way, located in the middle of Windermere Estate.


Just Next to this is the open tea pavilion “The Hut”, where you can get afternoon tea and wonderfully crispy Indian snacks.
The rooms at Windermere Estate are luxurious in a way you do not expect. The luxury here doesn’t consist of  a sophisticated design, polished surfaces and the latest fashion trends, it reveals itself  slowly and inviting. The luxury here consists of generous space, soothing natural materials and homey, unobtrusive design of the interiors. Despite the lack of any ostentation, one sees and feels quality here, and yes, soul.

At Windermere Estate, you enjoy selected dishes of the Indian, Middle Eastern and global cuisine. Even family recipes are cooked. Every class of society in Kerala has its own special cuisine. The owners of Windermere Estate are Syrian Christians. You can taste all these delicious dishes at a cozy restaurant called ‘The Barn’, built in chalet style, ​​with lots of wood.
Above “The Barn”, there  is a cozy library with chairs. Corners and pretty places, where you can curl up with a good book, you can find many. The pine forest, for example, with the hammocks, called “The Glen”.
Yes, where does the special atmosphere of Windermere come from? Maybe from all that, but not only that. In Windermere Estate,the whole thing is definitely greater than the sum of its contents.


In the afternoon, you will enjoy the “Windermere Walk”, a guided walk through the coffee and cardamom plantations with a Naturalist, where you can get acquainted with the rich flora and fauna in Windermere Estate.

The rest of the day is at leisure
Overnight in Windermere Estate.

Day 14-Munnar


Today we invite you to explore Munnar and the Mattupetty dam and lake. A delightful place.

Later you take a trip to the “Echo Point”. As the name suggests you can hear your echo here, and the site is very nice.

Later visit the Tata Tea Museum, where you can see  interesting machinery and equipment that were once used in the cultivation and processing of tea. Become familiar with the history of Munnar and be amazed about the pioneering spirit of the time. The museum is closed on Mondays.

Later return to Windermere Estate.

If you are fascinated by the canopy of stars: Windermere Estate has an amateur telescope of the brand Celestron, which you may use. There are also a few stargazer enthusiasts among the staff, and last but not not least, Dr. Simon, the owner of Windermere, who will be pleased to give you company, if you decide to do some stargazing.


Overnight in Windermere Estate.

Day 1 5-Munnar – Thekkady

Munnar – Thekkady


After breakfast we continue to the Aanavilasam Homestay in Thekkady.

Aanavilasam combines the warmth of a homestay with discreet luxury. It is a new mansion, set in 7 acres of private land, and is surrounded by beautiful cardamom and pepper plantations. The property belongs to Salim Pushpanath, a famous photographer.

Refreshingly cool, neutral walls provide a soothing backdrop for the eclectic mix of international styles that prevail in Aanavilasam. A general plantation theme is evident throughout the property and is subtly reflected in the interior. Throughout the property, there is only one TV,  in the shared living room.

The hostess, Pirkko Paxton, takes a lot of time for the guests, you will feel the hospitality of the staff,  and the staff is prepared to fulfill all your needs and desires in a flexible way. Luxuriously furnished yet cozy, it is a boutique Homestay for individuals, couples or small families looking for a personal retreat in the lap of nature.

Aanavilasam has only two “Suites” and two “Private Pool Villas’, both equipped with a luxurious bed. Both suites are individually designed and feature an elegant country house ambience where comfort is of utmost importance. Natural fabrics, like Indian linen, cotton, wool and silk will give you a feeling of understated luxury. A stylish fireplace, bookshelves in the living room and the dining area connect the two suites.

The spacious “Suites” offer 600 square meters of surface. French doors open onto a large private living room with views of the surrounding hills and cardamom plantations. The suites have a king-size bedroom and the  separate living room has a spacious seating area, desk, dining table, fridge and pantry. Both suites feature a veranda and a spacious bathroom with separate shower, double sinks, and a large garden bath with romantic details like bath oils and candles.

The “Private Pool Villas” offer luxurious comfort on a floor area of 900 square meters, with private pool. An open porch captures the essence around Aanavilasam, with plenty of sunlight and caressed by the breeze. Enjoy the stunning views from the luxury pool villa. For security reasons, Ms. Paxton doesn’t rent out the “Private Pool Villas”  to families with small children.

The menus are special. They reflect the commitment to use fresh, local produce from seasonal harvests. The offer is customized to your individual preferences. “Slow Food” doesn‘t mean to have to wait for your meal! It means that time and care has been taken to cook every dish using only the freshest ingredients. Nothing is “pre-cooked”, so you can enjoy the true flavors of the Aanavilasam kitchen.

Aanavilasam is the ideal place to see how spices are being cultivated, harvested and processed. A small, friendly village, where you can see and visit the typical Kerala style houses is within walking distance.

Fifteen minutes away is the Periyar (Thekkady) Tiger Reserve. It is one of the oldest and most famous nature reserves in Kerala.


We invite you to later visit a spice plantation. Stroll under the green canopy of leaves, inhale the scent of plants and familiarize yourself with their cultivation.

The exciting day ends with an elephant ride before you are again brought back to Aanavilasam, where you can relax by the fireplace.

The rest of the day is at leisure.

Overnight in Aanavilasam.

Day 1 6-Thekkady


The hallmark of Periyar Tiger Reserve is ecotourism, with the people and the park at the center. The tourism programs are carried out by locals, who are responsible for the supervision of the park. By leading guests through the park, they help to protect the park, and earn their living from it. Therefore, if you participate in these programs, you make a direct contribution to the protection of the park and to the common good.

After breakfast, you are now experiencing a full day trekking and bamboo rafting in the Periyar Tiger Reserve.

Overnight in Aanavilasam.

Day 17-Thekkady – Kumarakom

Thekkady – Kumarakom

Today you will continue your journey to the charming Vembanad House, in Kumarakom

Vembanad House is a typical Homestay, which is run by a friendly family. The building is a beautiful old wooden Kerala house, which has been lovingly restored, and now shines in new splendor.

The environment is a class for itself: On three sides, Vembanad House is surrounded by Vembanad Lake, the largest backwater lake in Kerala. The peace and tranquility emanating from the charming place are delightful. Wherever you look, you are just surrounded by a pristine beauty. The thick, luscious leaves of the trees, the lake with its many types of birds who catch fish, people going about their daily chores.

The four rooms of the homestay are nicely decorated and have the real Kerala flair, in an ancient and well-kept way. Each room has a very small private veranda. In the middle of the house is a “family room” with a small library.

A private canoe for the guests belongs to Vembanad House, so they can go  on the lake. Gladly the hostess calls  the neighbors if the guests need help with the canoe. In the village, there is a very good atmosphere between the residents.Everyone knows and appreciates the host family of Vembanad House. You could watch the villagers in performing their daily chores in the rural area and on the lake and easily  get into contact. Everyone knows each other,and  helps each other.

Among  all the freshwater and sea fish, which live in Vembanad Lake, lobster is also there. So no wonder, that one of the traditional family recipes of the hosts is lobster. With pleasure it is cooked for the guests. You may of course also always catch your dinner yourself, if you like it. Enjoy in the typical Kerala kitchen at Vembanad House. Let yourself be be surprised by the many healthy and hearty meals.

Mr. Balakrishnan and Ms Sandhya Balakrishnan, the hosts, are happy to be there for their guests. The sympathetic Sandhya – she is full of energy-is also a passionate devotee to the various  art forms of Kerala. So it happens, that she likes to organize dance performances for the guests, at no extra charge.

Such a evening in Vembanad House, after a delicious dinner with fish from the lake, where you can enjoy a performance  of traditional dances of Kerala, in a beautiful old house, with this same lake as a backdrop … to see the lights on the other side … to hear the gentle sonds of the night … a light breeze from the lake … such an evening is priceless.


The rest of the day is at leisure for swimming, canoeing and fishing.

Overnight in Vembanad House.

Day 18-Kumarakom – Alleppey

Kumarakom – Alleppey

This day you will spend on the backwaters. At 12:00 noon you are picked up with a typical Kettuvallam boat on the doorstep of the Vembanad House, and off you go. A journey on a houseboat is a wonderful opportunity to experience the fascinating beauty of the backwaters. Your route takes you past mangrove forests, emerald green paddy fields and coconut groves, which are crossed by charming small waterways with white lilies. You watch the people on their way to the fields, at work and in the canals. School children wave from the side of the river, and ferries lay on and leave. Time and again you see boats going on the channels with their loads, workers processing coir, women washing their clothes on the shore and children playing. We want to caress your senses, delight your eyes with natural beauty, pamper your nose with the most amazing fragrances and entice your palate with culinary delights.

Enjoy the traditional Kerala cuisine on board.

The houseboats have fully furnished single and double rooms with sundeck, comfortable chairs, kitchen and toilet. As lights, traditional lanterns are used. The crew consists of a chef, and two oarsmen.

Overnight on the houseboat.

Day 1 9-Alleppey


You wake up on the houseboat and you first notice this incredible peace. After a hearty breakfast, you will disembark and be brought to Marari Villas(Boutique Serviced Villas).

Marari Villas is situated on one of the most beautiful beaches of Kerala. The villas are serviced, which means that a team of cooks and other staff is taking care of  your comfort.

They are designed in such a way that you can enjoy for hours on the beach, if you like, on a deck chair or in a hammock. You have a staff with you who can adjust the sunshade for you or tell stories of his former life as a fisherman. Your “Villa Host” is also always available, in order to bring you cold drinks and snacks on the beach.

The villas are tastefully and gently renovated. Traditional and contemporary styles are intertwined, indoors and outdoors flow into each other,  and fit the tropical climate of Kerala. Beautifully furnished verandas, gardens and interior spaces with antiques mix with art, local crafts and tasteful furniture.

The hosts, Olga and Rupert, a lively young couple, take time each day to meet their guest’s needs with flexibility and enthusiasm, and are also absolutely not averse to a party.

The chef is very flexible, and pampers his guests with traditional Kerala or with western cuisine.

Each one of the villas is different and fits for different guests, with their preferences. They offer more privacy and, above all, a more personal alternative to hotels.


Today you visit a coir factory. The processing of coconut fiber has great tradition in this area. With its eco-friendly features, the coconut fiber is also a product of the future.

The RKK Memorial Museum, which you will visit afterwards, will probably leave you totally speechless with amazement. It is the private collection of a wealthy industrialist and philanthropist, who had  made his fortune in the coir industry. There you will find, in addition to one of the largest collections of Svarovski objects in the world, hundreds of exquisite porcelain and glass objects by famous brands, and many antiques of inestimable value.

Enjoy the rest of the day at the beach.


Overnight at Marari Villas.

Day 20-Alleppey 


This day is free for you to enjoy it at the mindblowing beach.

Overnight at Marari Villas.

Day 21-Alleppey – Cochin

Alleppey – Cochin

Today, you unfortunately need to say goodbye to a tropical paradise. Surely you have packed your bags with many new impressions. After breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport of Cochin for your flight home.



Distance Chart
Place Distance  Average travel time
Thalassery – Mananthavady 80Km 2hrs
Mananthavady – Kolagappara 45Km 1.30hrs
Kolagappara – Calicut 95Km 2.30hrs
Calicut – Palakkad 137Km 3.30hrs
Palakkad – Cochin 145Km 4hrs
Cochin – Munnar 126Km 5hrs
Munnar – Thekkady 88Km 3hrs
Thekkady – Kumarakom 120Km 3hrs
Kumarakom – Alleppey 49Km 1hr

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