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  • Ajanta & Ellora

    Ajanta-ElloraAjanta and Ellora caves are gigantiques temples pruned monolithic stone of a mountain, with of Traditional tools. At Ajanta, there are scenes on the w...

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  • Ayurveda all the way

    Shiro DharaLet us take you into a world of well-being. Feel your body becomes more and more relaxed gradually, and enjoy the treatments in a calm and natural atm...

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  • Classic Kerala with Homestays

    kerala_homestayIn this luxurious dream holiday, you get to know Kerala in a completely new, exciting way. The journey leads you through North Kerala, which is still ...

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  • Classical India

    calssical-india-0More than a country, India is a many-splendoured assortment of sights, sounds and tastes. Classical India gives you the perfect introduction to the In...

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  • Culinary delight tour of North...

    culinery_delight_of_northHighlights of the tour are as follows:  Soak in the aroma as you navigate your way through narrow lanes at Old Delhi’s Parathewai-Gali, to reli...

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  • In The Land Of Gujjars

    gujjarsGujarat features in the exploits of the great Buddhist Emperor Ashoka and has the distinction of being an early point of contact with the west as the ...

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